Last Day in Cairo

Film Info

Film Year: 2018

Film Duration: 29 min

Country: Israel


Haidi Motola

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Last Day in Cairo portrays the events of a single day in 1954 Cairo, as they unfold through the personal story of the now 97-years-old Jacques Motola, who is revisiting his life from the perspective of old age. Last Day in Cairo is the first of four short films that come together to form the Esperia serie. Through his memories of past, in present conversations with his granddaughter, each of the four films portrays a separate fragment of Jacques Motola’s story as an artist and somewhat a man of mystery. Esperia as a whole, and each of the films separately, explore how memory, the wider historical perspective and personal identity are converged and become intertwined. Jacques has spent his life between North-Africa, Palestine/Israel and France. Each short film revolve around memories of a different city in a life, which is nowadays confined into an apartment in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, bound by daily routine.