The Last Ascent

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Film Year: 2023

Film Duration: 15 min

Country: Switzerland

Language: Spanish


Remo Scherrer

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Susana and Alberto, married for 60 years, live their same daily life in Tepoztl√°n, Mexico. Day in and day out, they tend to their field and house, coordinated down to the last detail, an eternal routine. Their bodies, still strong today, are marked by the nature that surrounds them and demands everything from them. If they still love each other, they don’t seem to know that exactly. They don’t really have much in common, yet they never think of separating – especially not after such a long journey together. It has been many years since they climbed the mountain together that stands at the foot of their house. Now they want to venture up the mountain one last time. They want to cross the landscape in which they have spent their lives – a life full of memories and hurts, and not least full of love.