To Teach a Bird to Fly

Film Info

Film Year: 2020

Film Duration: 24 min

Country: Finland

Language: English


Mark Roberts, Minna Rainio

Film Category

By daring to imagine a future where the effects of climate change have been reversed, this docu-fiction film weaves a multi-layered narrative exploring bird extinction, human-animal relationships and climate change from the perspective of a hope-filled future. But all is not what it seems. A woman relates events from the past – today’s world – when her 25-year-old grandmother worked as a foster parent to the critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis. The story follows the young woman as she hand-raises the alien-looking birds, spending weeks, and months living with the Ibises, and eventually teaching them to fly and migrate across the Alps to the safety of their wintering grounds in Italy. At the same time, she subtly reveals the difficulties we will all face on the path to our uncertain future.